+Choices – Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ +Choices service delivery update, September 2021.

About the service

+Choices is a support service for perpetrators of domestic abuse, providing an opportunity to recognise, acknowledge and change abuse behaviour.

Support is available for anyone aged 16 years and over who is a perpetrator of domestic abuse, including repeat offenders and adolescents violent toward parents, who wish to voluntarily address their abusive behaviour.

Support is available for all genders and regardless of sexual orientation.

Referrals can be made by agencies working with potential perpetrators, their families or victims (with consent of the perpetrator and/or victim, as appropriate) as well as the person themselves.

What we can offer

  • Triage and emergency, temporary (overnight) accommodation where required.
  • One-to-one motivational interventions.
  • Tailored Perpetrator Programme, including both one to one and group delivery options
  • Support to address wider needs such as housing, finance, substance misuse and mental health through onward referrals and/or liaison with other support services as appropriate.
  • Referral to counselling services.

Some perpetrators may require emergency accommodation as they have been removed from their home due to the risk they pose to their victim and/or family. We will assist in accessing temporary accommodation overnight, with support to report to the local housing office the next working day where longer term accommodation is required.

Once any immediate needs have been addressed, perpetrators will be allocated to a Project Officer and a full needs and risk assessment will be undertaken with them to identify the most suitable support to address their needs. If, at this stage, perpetrators are unwilling to accept responsibility for their behaviour, one to one motivational interventions will be offered.

Perpetrators ready to engage with the core programme will be supported through a tailored package of interventions to meet their individual needs and guide them through the various stages of behaviour change.


Referrals are currently on hold. Please read the +Choices September 2021 service delivery update for more details.

Referrals for perpetrators can be made:

• By email: foundationdapp@foundationuk.org

• By phone:

  • Scarborough (incl. Hambleton, Richmond & Ryedale): 01723 361100
  • York (incl. Selby): 01904 557491
  • Harrogate (incl. Craven): 01423 500905

Download the referral form.

All referrals will be assessed by the appropriate Project Officer, who will review all relevant information regarding risk. They will then complete an initial risk assessment including the perpetrator’s suitability for the programme; identification of their most immediate needs; and any action needed to safeguard the victim from further harm.

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