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+Choices – Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme

About the service

+Choices (Positive Choices) is a service of Foundation for perpetrators of domestic abuse, providing an opportunity to recognise, acknowledge and change abuse behaviour.

The Positive Choices programme is available for anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation aged 16 years and over who is a perpetrator of domestic abuse, including repeat offenders and adolescents violent toward parents, who wish to voluntarily address their abusive behaviour.

The Positive Choices domestic abuse perpetrator programme is delivered as part of a whole system wherein partners, ex-partners and/or other family members are also offered access to our Integrated Support Service (ISS). A dedicated Victim Liaison Officer (VLO) will be the first point of contact whilst the perpetrator is engaging with the programme. They will work in partnership with the Independent Domestic Abuse Service (IDAS) and other agencies to provide a robust and integrated system of support for the partners and/or ex-partners of the clients that engage with the programme, with the key focus to increase their safety and wellbeing, as well as the safety of any children involved.

Positive Choices is a Respect Accredited service and is a recommended provision of Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme (DAPP) support for perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse. To find out more about Positive Choices achieving the Respect Accreditation you can read the full blog here. 


Referrals can be made by agencies working with perpetrators, their families or victims. Explicit consent must be obtained from the individual before a referral can be made. You can also self-refer, using the referral form on this page.

Referrals can only be accepted where explicit consent has been obtained from the individual who recognised and accepts their abusive behaviour and is ready to engage in our behaviour change programme.

Not be referred as part of a court ordered activity, where there are ongoing child application arrangements. In such cases a referral to a Cafcass approved provider is needed.

All referrals will be assessed by the appropriate Project Officer, who will review all relevant information regarding risk. They will then complete an initial risk assessment including the individuals suitability for the programme; identification of their most immediate needs; and any action needed to safeguard the victim from further harm.

Referrals are only accepted via our online form below.

Please note we are a North Yorkshire and York service. Please contact the office if referring from out of area.

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What we can offer

  • Triage and emergency, temporary accommodation for those who do not have access to funds or alternative accommodation .
  • One-to-one motivational interventions
  • Tailored Choices Perpetrator Programme, including both one to one and group delivery options
  • Support to address wider needs such as housing, finance, substance misuse and mental health through onward referrals and/or liaison with other support services as appropriate.

Some individuals may require emergency accommodation as they have been removed from their home due to the risk they pose to their victim and/or family. We will assist in accessing temporary accommodation, with support to report to the local housing office the next working day where longer term accommodation is required.

Once a referral is received individuals will be allocated to a Project Officer and a full needs and risk assessment will be undertaken to identify the most suitable support to address needs.

Individuals ready to engage with the core programme will be supported through a tailored package of interventions to meet their individual needs and guide them through the various stages of the 26 weeks behaviour change programme.


Foundation +Choices Perpetrator Prevention Toolkit Workshops

Share your contact details in order find out more about Foundation +Choices Perpetrator Prevention Toolkit Workshops by completing the Enquiry Form.

The domestic abuse perpetrator prevention workshop helps:

• Raise awareness of domestic abuse
• Dispel myths and provide clarity surrounding domestic abuse for both perpetrators and victims
• Recognise the signs of domestic abuse and confidently discuss the issues raised
• Make aware and explain the referral process
• Show employers how domestic abuse is a workplace issue and what can be done to help
The domestic abuse perpetrator prevention workshop is separated into six sections:

• Part One – Domestic Abuse Overview
This section gives an overview of domestic abuse including the different categories of domestic abuse, the risks and impact of such behaviours on others. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on domestic abuse and the challenges this has presented is given.

• Part Two –Myth Busting and assumptions
Here, common myths and cultural values are discussed surrounding domestic abuse. This is followed by common assumptions of perpetrators of domestic abuse including the impact and effects of these assumptions.

• Part Three – Spotting the signs
This section talks about domestic abuse indicators, as well as characteristics of a perpetrator. Stalking behaviours and the impact of advancements in technology.

• Part Four – Enquiry
This section discusses the enquiry process and how to discuss abuse with a perpetrator. Issues of safety are raised as well as effective methods for discussing change and or a referral to a perpetrator prevention programme.

• Part Five – Referral
Here, referral pathways are discussed including how to maximise the effectiveness of this to ensure the perpetrator gets the support needed. Other speciality services are also referenced.

• Part Six – What we offer
This section explores what we offer as an organisation and more specifically from a +Choices perspective, as well as interactive examples of our work.

Our Workshops offer a tailored package, framed for the audience. We can offer additional sessions based on culture, rurality and policy support.

You can download the Positive Choices privacy notice here.



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