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Learning and Development

At Foundation we know that the future stability of our customers depends on more than just their material well-being. Our teams work with customers to enable them to recognise their own strengths and to identify where they want to learn and develop – both in their skills and as people.

“Foundation has made me believe in myself, pushing me gently to achieve things and improve my life.”

York customer

Co-Production and Group Work

We believe strongly in the power of group work and have dedicated ‘Activities Workers’ in some of our teams. Our customers help to shape the services they’re in, co-producing, and sometimes delivering, the activities that groups undertake. We also work with external providers and partners to bring about the learning outcomes that our customers seek.

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North Yorkshire Young People’s Pathway: First Aid Training

Volunteering and Peer Mentoring


We work to provide local volunteering opportunities for our customers. Volunteers acquire new skills, improve communication skills, confidence and motivation to enhance their employability. This also has a positive impact on the communities where we provide services through reducing social exclusion, and improving the economic wellbeing of local communities by reducing unemployment.

Peer Mentoring

Our ‘peer mentor’ programmes are developing throughout the organisation, giving our customers, ex-customers and members of the public a way to ‘give back’, drawing from their own experiences to support our customers in a meaningful way.

“I love helping people and being in a position to help”

Foundation Peer Mentor

Education and Employment

Customers are encouraged to identify the learning opportunities they want to take and our teams actively build relationships with education providers and employers, giving our customers access to education, employment skills and work experience. We also have specialist employment programmes helping customers back to work or into work for the first time.

Foundation Inclusion Tool (Fit-Kit)

To formalise this approach, we have developed the Foundation Inclusion Tool (FIT-KIT) which is delivered in training sessions and activities. Customers can gain level 1 and 2 qualifications, accredited by CERTA.

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Action Towards Inclusion

ATI is one of our employment programmes, providing key worker support to adults over 18, who are unemployed or economically inactive.

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For more information about our services and how we support learning and devlopment, please call our friendly team on 0113 303 0150 and we’ll be delighted to help.

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