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Customer Involvement | Co-production

Co-production – working alongside clients for a better Foundation

Here at Foundation we believe that co-production is essential in order that we continue to deliver and improve on our great range of services and high support standards.

Inspired by the disability activist slogan “Nothing about us without us is for us”, this process ensures that those receiving our services play an active and equal part in planning, changing and delivering them – so that power is shared, and everyone’s voice is heard.

Co-production isn’t a set of separate structures or procedures, but a culture which underpins every relationship and activity across the organisation – from the way people are welcomed, to the strategic decisions made by the trustee board.

Through our culture of co-production and an unwavering commitment to our mission and values, Foundation is well on its way to achieving its aspiration: instead of being an organisation that delivers for its customers, we aim to be one that delivers with them – every step of the way.

'Members of staff empathise with their clients and are passionate about the work they do. It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated people. ' Housing Association, Redcar

Co-production in action

We try to involve the people who use our services in everything we do, and as such, Foundation clients already contribute in many ways – identifying what works, supporting fellow service users and making sure we meet the changing needs of everyone we come into contact with, across all ages and walks of life.

Their skills complement those of our trained staff and their firsthand experience helps us to improve at every level, and stay grounded within the communities we support. Our customers are involved in a wide range of co-production activities, such as:

  • Interviewing potential staff
  • Developing football schemes
  • Running activities and group sessions
  • Attending meetings
  • Helping to develop our mission, values and strategies
  • Sitting on our board of trustees

Everyone’s a Winner

The relationships that we build at Foundation offer genuine benefits to everyone. From clients helping us to develop tenders, or participating in decision-making workshops, to helping social work students on placements, their contributions help to drive us forward to further success.

In return, we offer our clients the opportunity to earn a Level 1 Progression Award accredited by CERTA, which involves an 8 week course in cooking, job search, stress management and assertive living skills.

Whether taking up volunteer placements in our offices, participating in our fishing groups or attending bid presentations, our customers really are at the centre of everything we do… without them we would not exist.

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