At Foundation we are hugely passionate to offer our customers opportunities new skills. Most importantly, we want to empower customers by reacting to their requests to learn specific skills. We know well how our customers appreciate that they are listened to and encouraged to take a meaningful role in delivering our services. Below is a report from one of our Activities Workers in North Yorkshire, who was approached by a customer after a traumatic incident:

Last summer a customer from the CRAVEN TEAM, witnessed a lady collapse. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital, but unfortunately she didn’t make it and she died. The customer was very upset by the experience and asked if there was any way they could do a first aid training course. The customer felt that if they’d had some first aid skills they could have done more to help.
We arranged for St Johns ambulance to deliver first aid courses to young people on the Pathway in North Yorkshire. The courses have been well attended so far in Skipton and Harrogate, with dates booked in for the other offices across North Yorkshire in the next couple of months.
So far the customers that have attended have found the course very useful. Customers who complete the course will receive a first aid certificate that is valid for 3 years.

first aid photo harrogatefirst aid skipton photo

The First aid instructors have said how impressed they have been with the attitude of the customers attending the courses. The customers were very pleased to gain such a valuable qualification. One particular customer hopes the course will help open doors for her, “This is a great opportunity to learn valuable first aid skills and get another qualification on my CV.”

Up in Scarborough, more Pathway customers also took part in a similar training course:

5 Young people from Pathway 2 in Scarborough completed the 3 hour ‘Stick it’ First Aid course organised by Activities Worker Corinna Sutherland and run by Eric Leach from St. Johns Ambulance on Thursday 19th April.

The purpose of the ‘Stick it’ course to educate customers in emergency first aid. The course was developed by St. Johns ambulance service specifically for gun and knife crimes but now is used as an emergency first aid course country wide. The course took place at Poplar Villa in and was open to all customers on the Pathway.

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Eric covered the basics of Primary Survey and Recovery techniques, deep wound dressing and choking. Customers worked for three hours to gain their certificate. Customers said it was great to get trained from Eric who made a serious subject fun to learn.