Foundation People & Initiatives

“All of my training and work
experience volunteering with
Foundation has allowed me to
learn my strengths and weaknesses,
and has really empowered me.”

With the support of Foundation staff
I have been able to build my confidence.”
Jak, Harrogate Customer


"Without Foundation, I
don’t know what
would happen
or where I’d
have been now.

I can’t thank them enough."

Children England and the TUC have launched a Declaration of Interdependence which sets a vision for commissioning future children’s services and other local public services which support vulnerable adults who may be frail, sick, homeless, have just left prison or have disabilities.  Foundation along with a number of other prominent organisations support both the principles behind the Declaration and the recommendations for future action which could begin to create the conditions for a fairer, more sustainable approach to public service delivery, even in a time of austerity.

Please read the thoughts and aspirations of Foundation’s Chief Executive Maggie Jones, follow the links to Children England’s web-site and Children England’s Chief Executive Kathy Evans, and join the debate at Foundation Twitter .


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Foundation is a charity based in the North of England that works with socially excluded people helping them to gain full independence in their local community.

Whether its support to manage a tenancy, find a job, tackle drug addiction or improve family relationships, we help individuals overcome all kinds of challenges so they can realise their potential and become a part of their community.

Working with a diverse range of partner agencies and organisations, we have a reputation for transforming troubled lives and for the enthusiasm, commitment and quality of service which have made us one of the largest organisations in the North of England providing essential services to socially excluded groups.


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