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Working with Adults – homelessness and prevention

Foundation provides support services for homeless adults who are also offenders or survivors of domestic abuse. This work is about safe communities, for everyone.

The past lives and current needs of the individuals we work with can be challenging. At Foundation we understand the need for a personalised, empathetic and motivated approach, seeking to understand the root causes of behaviours and support adults to make considerable changes in their lives.

“``Before I knew it I was out on the street, Feeling there was no hope, defeated and beat, Then I found supported accomodation which gave me hope, Pointed me in the right direction, something to aim for and learning to cope...``”

From a poem by a Tameside customer

Read the full poem by Tameside Customer

Single homeless adults with support needs

Our services working with adults are varied and range across the whole of the north of England. Here are two examples of how our teams are working to support adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Specialist Service provision

Since 2011, we’ve been successfully working with offenders who pose the highest risk.

We provide a number of specialist services to meet the needs of offenders subject to Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements, Mentally Disordered Offenders, offenders subject to drug or alcohol rehabilitation requirements, Prolific & other Priority Offenders, offenders subject to Integrated Offender Management and male perpetrators of domestic violence.

In all these services, we work closely with Probation and other criminal justice sector partners to maximise outcomes for clients and the wider community. We also offer housing advice services for offenders subject to Probation supervision.

“``Foundation is an organisation experienced and skilled at working with challenging offenders, including very high risk offenders and continually hit or exceed performance targets.``”

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If you’re an adult in Yorkshire or the North of England who needs support with a housing crisis, please call us in complete confidence on 0113 303 0150 and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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