Housing support for people with complex needs – a success story

For individuals with very complex emotional and welfare needs, they can become at high risk of
social exclusion if they don’t receive the level of support they require.

Housing support is often a big part of helping them to feel more settled and able to cope with life’s demands, so here’s an example of how we do it in Tameside…

Our Tameside housing support team

Providing accommodation-based support to people across Tameside experiencing complex problems and who are at risk of social exclusion, the team offers comprehensive and intensive housing assistance to 44 clients over 8 sites including self-contained accommodation, shared facilities and Housing First.

Working with partner organisations, they actively promote training and volunteering opportunities to their service-users.

Assessments of an individual’s needs are based on both breadth and depth of need, covering issues such as:

  • Multiple disadvantage
  • Multiple adversities
  • Multiple disabilities
  • Multiple impairments
  • Dual diagnosis (that is, someone diagnosed as having more than one condition)
  • High support needs
  • Complex health needs

The Tameside Housing Support team works with individuals suffering from a range of social, economic and health issues.

Vicki’s story – in the beginning…

I was referred to Foundation prior to being released from prison. I have a long list of offences ranging from drunk and disorderly, to assault and possession of a knife. I have a long history of alcohol abuse and was alcohol dependant for a long time – I used alcohol to deal with my mental health problems, but ultimately it just made things worse and I ended up in prison.

Vicki’s progress

When I was released from prison I was put in a hostel which was managed by Foundation; I stayed there for a while and now I have my own flat with Incommunities. Foundation helped me out with my housing needs and also put me in touch with alcohol services and mental health services- they used to run groups for the customers during the week which I attended. There was a cooking, baking and job club, keep fit and fishing which I really enjoyed doing. It kept me out of trouble and it also gave me the opportunity to talk to someone if I needed to.

The results so far…

I’m now volunteering at Foundation, meeting and greeting customers, answering the phones and general reception work which I really enjoy doing. I’m being an alcohol worker once a week and have a care co-ordinator for my mental health who has referred me for psychotherapy. I have also completed a life coaching course which has given me a huge confidence boost – I’m continuing working towards the things in life that I want and things are finally going well for me.