This week Foundation Durham, in partnership with Integrated Offender Management, hosted their first women’s group. The women’s event is for socially excluded and vulnerable women who are engaging well with the PPO scheme.

The PPO scheme is part of an offender management scheme, working with prolific offenders, both men and women. The scheme engages customers in structured activities, as well as helping with housing, money management, mental health and drug related concerns and link with external providers. Combined, the approach aims to remove barriers to social inclusion that are faced. The women’s session combined an enjoyable activity, card making, with health information on how to register with services and healthy eating.

Amelie, Student Social Worker, reports on the activity:

Guided by a volunteer the women made two different cards. Everyone at the event got very much involved with the card making and all of the cards looked great and were individual. Whilst making cards Foundation staff gave advice and information to the women about how to register with services including the GP, dentist and optician. There was also a laptop set up in the room for anyone who wanted support to register with any services. The group also had a discussion about what makes up a balanced diet and customers got very involved in this and were happy to share their opinions. To add to this discussion, customer’s also enjoyed a variety of healthy snacks from different food groups, including fruit and veg, carbohydrates, dairy and protein. Customers were provided with leaflets containing information about what foods they should be eating daily, tips for eating healthier and being sugar smart.

 card making part 1 photo 2 card making part 1 photo 3


The session was very successful and enjoyed by all. The customers appreciated being able to relax and talk in a safe environment. At the end of the session customers were issued with a loyalty card. Everyone is looking forward to the next event in May, which is a spa event.