Foundation is now part of The Inspire North Group. The Inspire North Group consists of Community Links, Foundation, Bridging the Gap and Foundation Living.

As a result of this merger, we are making changes to how and where your data is stored.

There will be very little or no effect on you or the support you currently receive.

However, the following changes will be in effect from 1st October 2020.

Where will your data be stored?

Your data will be moved onto Inspire North’s Case Management System (IN Net). This is a computer database and web-based system managed by Inspire North in line with current data protection legislation.

For more information about the IN Net system and how your data will be managed please read Inspire North’s Privacy Notice (external link).

Who will be able to see your data?

We take the utmost caution with your data, and as such will never share it with any agencies outside of the Inspire North Group without your permission.

Your data will be restricted to the service (or services) within the Inspire North Group that you are accessing.

IN Net uses a ‘one client record’ system, which means that, after 1st October, if you access multiple services within the Inspire North Group, your worker will see your complete record (i.e. information from other services you have accessed).

Any data prior to 1st October will only be accessible to the services you were using at that time.

How long will your data be stored for?

All information gathered will be confidentially destroyed and disposed of in line with Inspire North’s Data Retention and Destruction schedules. This varies for each service; for more information please speak with your worker.

What safeguards are put in place to protect your data?

If anyone outside of the service (or services) you are currently accessing requests access to your record, this automatically triggers our ‘Breaking Glass’ process. This means that they must select a reason from a set list as to why they wish to view this. This is recorded and monitored to ensure that all access requests have a genuine basis.

If your record is accessed without correct authority, we notify you and implement our data breach procedure.

What if you are no longer accessing a service from 1st October?

If you are no longer a client when these changes come into effect, your record will be restricted – just as it would be when you leave a service at any time.

From the point of leaving, your record will be stored on the IN Net system for a period in line with Inspire North’s Data Retention and Destruction schedules.

As you have left the service, your data will remain restricted unless you re-engage with an Inspire North Group service.

What if you are re-referred or have accessed another service within the Inspire North Group?

As your record is a ‘one client record’, your data will stay on IN Net, meaning it can simply be re-opened if you re-engage with your service or are re-referred.

However, data collected prior to the 1st October 2020 will only be accessible by the services you used previously.

What if you don’t want your data to be moved?

You have the right to object to the transfer, however if you choose to do so, we can no longer deliver the contract we have with you to provide Support Services.

From the 1st October, all Inspire North Group services will be using the IN Net system and as such your data must be moved in order for services to continue to offer you support.

If you no longer wish for us to store your data, please contact us via one of the methods below to arrange disposal.

Useful additional information

Please refer to Inspire North’s Privacy Notice (external link) for more information about what kinds of data we store, the reasons for storing it, and how long we are required to store it.

Any more questions?

If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us via any of the means listed below:

Inspire North
3 Limewood Way
LS14 1AB

Tel: 0113 273 9660