We are excited to announce the release of our very first Annual Complaints Performance and Service Improvement Report for the year 2023/24. This report highlights our commitment to driving excellence in complaint handling and service improvement, in accordance with the Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code across our Foundation Services.

Annual Complaints Performance and Service Improvement Report for the year 2023/24

Our Trustees said:

As Trustees at Inspire North, we deeply value the feedback from our clients, tenants, and community, as it drives our continuous improvement.

The Annual Complaints Performance and Service Improvement Report 2023/24 underscores our commitment to addressing concerns and enhancing our services. This marks the first year we have produced this comprehensive report, reflecting our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Over the past year, we received 30 complaints [for Foundation], with only 12 related to our role as a landlord, which this report is focused on. While we addressed most complaints within our policy timeframes, we acknowledge that many of the complaints received were about broader issues related to our support delivery rather than just physical property concerns.

While we’ve made progress in resolving most complaints within our policy timeframes, some issues, like complex repairs and managing ongoing anti-social behaviour, required more in-depth investigation. We recognise that these matters take time to resolve adequately. Moving forward, we’re committed to finding more efficient ways to address complex issues. We’ll continue to listen to feedback, refine our processes, and ensure we provide the best possible support to our tenants.

We are pleased to announce that we have fully aligned our complaint handling processes with the updated Housing Ombudsman and Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman Complaints Handling Codes, effective from 1st April 2024. Our thorough self-assessment confirms our compliance, and we are committed to continually refining our practices.

Key improvements that we have made in response to complaints received include strengthening our Tenant Voice Panel, proactively ensuring damp and mould issues are resolved as quickly as possible, and introducing a full audit for 2024/25 of our repair services. These initiatives are designed to ensure we respond more effectively to the needs of our tenants and uphold high service standards.

We fully acknowledge that there is always room for improvement, and we remain committed to delivering quality housing and support to our clients and tenants, guided by the valuable feedback we receive. Together we can continue to build bright and sustainable futures across the North of England.

Inspire North Trustees (parent company of Community Links and Foundation)