Along with Leeds Housing Concern and Touchstone, Foundation form part of the Leeds housing consortium, Beacon. Throughout the winter and especially during severe weather such as we’ve seen in the last week, Beacon adhere to the severe weather provision protocol, playing a vital part in keeping rough sleepers in Leeds safe during extremely cold weather.

What does severe weather provision (SWP) mean?

SWP is triggered when the temperature is predicted to get to 0° or below overnight.


What does Beacon offer during SWP?

Beacon has three Intensive Supported Environments (hostels) which are open 24/7 and 365 days of the year. The ISEs are staffed by two workers at all times and over the last few days the majority of our ISE workforce have made a massive effort to ensure that the shifts are covered and the provision continues. The ISEs deliver support to the most intensive clients in Beacon and during periods of SWP provide 10 additional bed spaces across the three ISEs.

Is it a bed just for the night?

These bed spaces are generally for one night only or cover a weekend and will accommodate anybody who has been referred via the SWP helpline, this includes individuals who may not normally be eligible for Beacon services. The service is limited as the SWP provision can be a significant strain on the ISEs because it significantly increases their capacity. For example at Grace Lodge there are five extra bed spaces. The bed spaces provided tend to be in communal rooms and on camp beds, although the provision also includes extras, such as food and a change of clothes if necessary.

How can the public help?

Donations of Z beds and sleeping bags are much appreciated. Contact

What happens after the SWP?

We use SWP to also aim to start the process of longer term resettlement for homeless individuals and particularly rough sleepers. At Foundation our Beacon team work hard to deliver supported housing to individuals, helping to develop the skills and aspiration for independent living in the longer term. Our recent IMPACT REPORT details Paul’s story, a Beacon customer, who with huge commitment and the right support, has been able take his life from living as a rough sleeper to living safely, securely and independently in his own home.

Our Foundation Beacon Team

Our Foundation Beacon Team