Foundation have numerous domestic abuse services, focusing on the issue as a whole family issue. Support for victims of domestic abuse is most prevalently understood, Foundation also deliver services for perpetrators of abuse and children who are witness to abuse. Domestic Abuse creates a risk of homelessness for all involved and Foundation work hard to ensure all needs are addressed – to protect victims, to support behaviour change and work through trauma.

For victims of domestic abuse, alongside very difficult circumstances, they often have to comprehend significant information around the legalities of their safety and protection, such as non-molestation orders.

In Redcar,

the service finds that the vast majority of the victims of domestic abuse that they work with are women. A local family law service teamed up with the support workers and volunteer at Redcar to deliver a hands and nails pampering session to seven women and some of their children. The session was designed, not only to positively impact on the women’s self-esteem, it also allowed for the legal service to deliver advice to the women around their protection in a friendly and relaxed environment. A non-molestation order (injunction), is a protective order that prevents the perpetrator from harassing, pestering, threatening violence, intimidation, direct and also indirect contact through third party, or social media. It is important the victims are aware of breadth of their protection under this order. The women were also given advice around child contact and safety arrangements, where social work or CAFCASS involvement is prevalent. Reassurance and  advice, around any concerns or issues the women presented, was also given.


This session empowered the women and let them know what is available, and what their rights are legally. Removing the barriers from the formalities that can sometimes surround legal services, allows these women to take on important information that will support their protection and safety.
A huge thanks from the Redcar team and their customers to Jennifer Williamson, solicitor from Kathy Webb & Co and Jayne Lavelle who volunteered to do the women and children’s nails.