Our Durham Team and their customers hugely enjoy their group activities. The regular groups give opportunities for customers to learn practical skills, try something new and most importantly to enjoy socialising. Many of our customers live isolated lives and these opportunities for inclusion are a lifeline.

It’s been a busy couple of months for the Durham Tuesday group! Taking part in creative activities, such as performing in a talent contest and learning to mix colours mixing for paint by numbers has boosted self-esteem and inspired customers to learn a new skills. There is a family feel developing to the group as they enjoy music and film together and shop for food, cook and eat together.

Food prep Ready to serve up

These shared meals are made possible by the Tesco fare share scheme, something that continues to benefit so many of our groups across Foundation. During cooking sessions Fit Kit information sheets are given out,  informing customers around kitchen hygiene, hand washing procedures, kitchen hazards, use by dates and safe food storage and preparation. As part of ‘Movember’ Durham customers learnt about prostrate and testicular cancer and how they can keep themselves healthy. They were issued with booklets showing them how to examine themselves and advice on what to do if they are worried about anything. The Durham women’s group have held their last session in the 6 month pilot and it is hoped the group will continue in 2018, though this is dependent on funding.

Making spooky snacks

At a recent group session a customer shared his skills at making models from matchsticks with those customers who had never tried this craft before. He helped them to decide on a subject and taught them how to start off their chosen design. After the session he said he’d really enjoyed passing on his experience and skills to others and would like to lead on future craft sessions. The confidence gained by taking the lead on activities such as this feeds into other areas of life and allows for a real sense of purpose and inclusion.