Our Harrogate Progress Group has been running for some time now and continues to develop its engagement with young people. The group currently has 6 volunteers and regular support from two ex-customers. Each week, partners from external organisations visit the group as a way to engage the young people. Here is an update from last week’s session on the activities that on-going:


Anxiety self-help group

Volunteers and customers continued to attend this week’s anxiety self-help group where today’s topic was “finding solutions to problems” when faced with situations that may cause increased anxiety.  Today’s group also discussed how an environment can increase experience of wellbeing by having scented oils and relaxation background music playing to help reduce experience of anxiety when faced with problems and plan to introduce resources for wellbeing throughout the drop-in to promote health and wellbeing for all who attend.  The group also spoke of introducing fresh fruit as opposed to biscuits as a healthier option when having a snack at the drop-in. 

The fantastic staff and customers from Progress, celebrating the launch of the North Yorkshire Young People's Pathway

The fantastic staff and customers from Progress, celebrating the launch of the North Yorkshire Young People’s Pathway



Smoking Cessation

 A Smoking Cessation Advisor ,from Solutions, came along to this week’s drop-in where she offered support to a number of customers and volunteers.  Emily will be attending each week’s drop-in and has a number of resources available which were also provided to be placed on notice boards within Young People’s Pathway hostels. 



Progress Big Lunch

Staff, volunteers and customers discussed next week’s big lunch event and many customers and volunteers said they were happy to come along earlier in order to prepare and set up the venue.  Drop-in volunteer cooks Lloyd and Shaun have selected 2 x soups and rolls for next week’s event which consists of stilton, broccoli soup and tomato and basil, both vegetarian options.  Sausage sandwiches will also be made available following surplus stock from this week’s drop-in. 


We very much look forward to hearing all about the Progress Big Lunch next week! The North Yorkshire team are developing the Progress Group concept to create similar hubs across the region. Teams from across Foundation share in their work, helping all of our services to innovate engagement and create stronger links with partners.