At Foundation we look to act and develop from customer feedback. Throughout the year we engage our customers in numerous opportunities to feedback on the service. Day to day, customer feedback informs and leads the activities on offer. The Durham team have had successful group activities for some time. They always aim to develop their service and activities in line with customer feedback. Here the team report of the latest activity developed and led by customers.

“This week the Durham FIT KIT group went on a walk around Durham’s Riverside.

this activity was requested by customers. The purpose of the session was for customers to consider their health and lifestyle choices, and also to take part in a social activity, have fun and relax.

Before we went on the walk customers completed a quiz titled ‘How healthy are you?’

The quiz included questions on nutrition, such as how many portions of fruit and veg customers eat in a day, and how many sugary drinks they consume, as well as questions on physical activity, including how often they walk / cycle and how much time they spend in front of the TV. The customers did not have to share their results from the quiz, the purpose of this exercise was to get the customers to start thinking about their diet and lifestyle and any positive changes that they could make. Staff then spoke to customers about small changes that they can make in their daily lives, including walking more and the benefits of walking. Customers were then given the option take their blood pressure, all customers were happy to participate in this activity, which was led by one of our customer volunteers. Customers’ blood pressure and heart rate results were then compared to a chart so that customers could see whether their results were average, or higher or lower than average.

Customers were provided with a map of our planned route,

as well as some wildlife identification resources, including how to identify trees by their branches and types of river birds. Customers were keen to point out the wildlife that they identified during the walk using these resources. We stopped off part way round the walk to do some drawing. Staff and customers created pictures using charcoal and pastels, the customers requested these materials in a previous session.  The customers also enjoyed some healthy snacks whilst sat drawing.

riverside walk 1 riverside walk 2

A couple of customers enjoyed taking photographs as well as drawing.

Here are a couple of the beautiful photographs taken by customers during the walk:

customer photo riverside walk 10 customer photo riverside walk 5

At the end of the session our customer volunteer asked the other customers for their feedback

on the session and customers filled in a customer feedback form. Feedback revealed that the session was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the customers’ drawings and photographs are now displayed on our group room wall.”