Foundation works with many different customer groups across the north of England. One of the largest services we run is the Young People’s Pathway in North Yorkshire (NYYPP). This service offers young people the necessary support, advice and mediation to enable them to stay in their present accommodation. Where it is not possible for someone to remain at home, we have a variety of accommodation options to suit their needs.

Poplar Villa is an accommodation based service within the NYYPP. Staff and customers at the hostel are hugely passionate and enjoy working with one another to bring about opportunities for young people within the service. Every week they report examples of activities for social inclusion and engagement, young people working in co-production with staff, young people volunteering in the service and in the community. they also benefit from the generosity of volunteers and businesses working from the local community, who are keen to give the young people a chance to build a independent and happy life in the future.

At Foundation, we are hugely grateful to our very many teams of staff who are working hard alongside customers and volunteers to deliver services and opportunities of the highest quality to  all of our customers, across the board.

Within one week at Poplar Villa…

A big thank you to volunteers and local businesses

Poplar Villa have been part of the Food Share at Tesco for the last 12 months. It’s a fantastic charity where every Friday night one of our volunteers collects a box full of free goods. The food they bring to Poplar Villa gets used in our weekly cooking sessions. Our volunteer also drops some off at our other hostel too. Young people at Poplar Villa have made a Thank You card for Tesco. Tesco have been really generous over the Christmas period.

IMG_8598 IMG_8599

Customer volunteers to help others get fit!

A customer has volunteered to help his peers in the hostel get fit! He is promoting a carrying out a Saturday night workout at the hostel – a regime that includes a range of exercises from star jumps to yoga! Last Saturday was his first session, after which he reported back to the staff,

It went well – I will take one of the exercises out of the regime next week because it was really hard. I will change it to something else. I enjoyed doing it

Customer in co-produces a cooking skills class

Sue our (Support Assistant) has had a busy weekend at Poplar Villa working alongside one of our customers to introduce, ‘Basic Baking’. All involved had a great time. The customer has previously achieved his level 1 & 2 in cooking and is happy to show others his skills.

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Get on your bike!

Poplar Villa customers are restoring bikes! We had loads donated last year and they are fixing them up. This has kept 5 customers busy over the last week and they are having loads of fun. We look forward to getting out and about on them soon!

IMG_8605 IMG_8603

Huge thanks to staff and customers at Poplar Villa for sharing your week with us.

We hope to bring you many more examples of our team’s work across our many towns and cities and with all of the different customer groups we support.