At Foundation we are inspired by the disability activist slogan, “nothing about us without us is for us”.  We are committed to working in co-production with our customers, giving opportunities for them to take the lead in developing the services we run.

At our Leeds offices, Tennant Hall our customers run a weekly breakfast club, cooking and selling breakfast sandwiches for the staff in the building. The money raised from the sandwich round is used by the customers to help fund activities for them.

One such activity was recently enjoyed by Leeds Team customers and Support Assistants who participated in a walk around Roundhay Park lake. The walk was followed by a picnic in the late September sunshine. It was a great day out and all the customers were surprised at how much they enjoyed the gentle stroll around the Lake, something they wouldn’t usually have the chance to do.

The picnic was provided, thanks to the money raised through the sandwich orders at Tenant Hall. The Leeds team and their customers would like to take this opportunity again to thank everyone who supports them and orders a butty with them. They look forward to more smiles on faces for customers and staff alike!