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Directions – Wellbeing Service for men reportable to probation

Directions is a male-only service for North Yorkshire offering a wide range of tailored support for individuals reportable to probation in the community or in custody.

Directions is commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and is delivered by Foundation in partnership with St Giles Trust Partnership (SGT).

Directions supports people as they prepare to leave prison, and work to reduce the risk of individuals reoffending by helping them reconnect to the community.

The service offers a weekly rotating programme of support groups at locations in York, Scarborough, Harrogate, Northallerton and Craven.

Programme of support:

Directions uses a restorative approach, with inclusivity, empowerment, choice and collaboration at its core.

We offer bespoke 1-2-1 interventions, holistic support based on four service categories and tailored to the individual. Directions is available to all males leaving custody and serving community sentences. It supports men across the following four service categories:
1. Family and Significant Others
2. Lifestyle and Associates
3. Emotional Wellbeing
4. Social Inclusion

When referring into the Directions service, a selection of four pathways of support are offered along with a level of complexity grading for each (low/medium/high). This will determine the amount of sessions required in service.

Alongside the 1-2-1 intervention sessions, the service also delivers group sessions based on individual needs. The sessions encourage positive, interactive engagement surrounding common needs such as empowerment, identifying positive peers, decision making and risky behaviour.

Pop-up hubs:

Directions delivery will be tailored to meet the needs of the men engaging with the Probation Service and establish local venues as needed

Peer advisor support:

Additional support will be available from volunteers with lived experience, including former service users.

Peer advisory opportunity:

Once all sessions have been successfully completed, clients have the opportunity to volunteer with the Directions Service as Peer Advisor. This allows males to use their lived experience as a valuable tool to mentor others.

How to access the service:

Referrals are made via the National Probation Service.

Directions are positively changing the lives of their clients, to hear how change is always possible, check out this case study from a client.

To hear from some more of our clients in Scarborough about their time with Directions check out the video below:

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