Change is Always Possible

Before Z came to Directions they were convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol.  They were suffering with anxiety and depression and that their mental health had deteriorated, and they had become isolated. Z began drinking more and started using drugs, they were not registered at a GP either. When Z came to Directions it was highlighted that there were concerns around their mental health and that they had no support in place.

In the initial meeting with Directions, it was clear that Z had a very negative perception of themselves and were struggling to see a way out of their current situation. They had no coping strategies in place and was unsure how to manage their triggers and wellbeing.

Support around recognising and managing triggers was offered along with developing positive coping strategies to regulate mood and wellbeing. There was also a focus on self-care and looking after themselves to avoid risky situations.

It was hoped that Z would engage with Directions and accept the support offered. They were guided on how to register with a GP and accessing support agencies regarding financial hardships. Emotional wellbeing interventions were delivered and intensive work around building self-esteem and self-confidence took place too.

Z engaged well with this support and the change that was seen by those supporting them was just outstanding. Once Z’s lack of motivation was addressed and discussed, they really tried hard to give their all to sessions and work on themselves. Their whole persona and outlook had developed, and they had become much more positive. Those working with Z said it was amazing to be a part of Z’s journey and see the transformation.

Z is now in employment and attending work regularly. They are being supported with their financial hardships too. Z was given a gym voucher for a month’s membership from the wellbeing service, as a well done for the hard work and effort they had put in to developing themselves. They are now registered with a GP and intend to seek further support with their mental health, Z is focused on maintaining their wellbeing.

After receiving this support Z said that they feel more positive about life now and felt those supporting them didn’t give up on them. They said they would highly recommend the service and wishes there was more funding available to support other people.

Directions is a male-only service for North Yorkshire offering a wide range of tailored support for individuals reportable to probation in the community or in custody.