Mental Health Support Service

When X first came to Foundation, they had complex mental health issues and a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. They were under a Community Treatment Order and had been substance abusing since childhood, they refused treatment from a drug agency. X had little insight into their own mental health. There had been previous criminal activity in relation to substance use.

X had not been in stable accommodation for years and had spent time living across the county. They experienced homelessness and were in and out of hospital under sections. They had spent some time in male hostels in Leeds. They were then referred to another mental health provider when this placement had broken down due to X experiencing abuse whilst there.

X has been in supported accommodation with Foundation since 2017 and during this time has been in and out of hospital. They began to remain stable in 2020 and have learnt to manage their medication independently.

When X first came to Foundation, they struggled to engage with the support offered due to their mental health and having a lack of trust for services and their family members. They were unaware of their own mental health and substance abuse, struggled to maintain self-care and had paranoia around support workers, the service and accommodation.

During their time with Foundation support plans were put in place to support them with developing independent living skills such as, obtaining own bank account and managing utilities. They had support with applying for long term accommodation and maximising income.

To support X with their mental health, weekly visits and extra support visits were organised with their property worker. A flexible approach was taken to accommodate X’s complex needs. Various mental health services, such as, social services, GPs, the Police, Yorkshire Housing and Craven District Council worked in partnership to provide a holistic approach to support X.

X was supported through group sessions both with Foundation Craven and externally. They were provided with the skills to help them re-build family relationships and address their self-care. Support was put in place to make their home environment a safe and secure space.

When X was ready, they were able to successfully transfer to Yorkshire Housing as a direct tenant. They were supported to remain in their own accommodation and received floating support during this time.

X is now in receipt of all their entitled benefits. They have no rent arrears and have developed positive relationships with staff. X has managed to develop their money management skills and they are paying their bills. Self-care has improved and they are attending a gym and going swimming. They feel they now have a safe space to live and feels independent.

They continue to engage with and respond to ongoing support from mental health services, as their trust continues to grow. They are managing their own medication and continue to build on and develop their independent living skills.

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