Today, the Trustees of Community Links and Foundation are excited to share that they are in talks with the intention of merging.

The Boards of both organisations believe that collaboration is key to our bold ambition to safeguard a sustainable future and increase the impact of the services we provide for those we exist to support.

By coming together, our organisations can increase effectiveness and provide a wealth of expertise, innovation and high quality support, mental health and housing services.

Community Links and Foundation share a history of working together towards a common purpose. The visions and values of the organisations are aligned and in an era of increasing competition it is clear that we are the right partners for each other and that now is the right time, as there is a compelling case that we will be stronger together.

The proposed merger is intended to create a group structure with both organisations retaining their identity and delivering front line services. The creation of a Parent Company would afford the opportunity to create a more comprehensive infrastructure with faster response times.

Claire Vilarrubi, currently Chair of Foundation is the Chair Designate of the Parent Company. Ruth Kettle, currently Chief Executive of Community Links is Chief Executive designate of the Parent Company and it is proposed that the Senior Management Team will report to her.

It is proposed that Maggie Jones, currently Chief Executive of Foundation, will step down to pursue other opportunities.

Karl Milner, Chair of Community Links said,

‘The Boards of both Community Links and Foundation have carefully considered the option of merger and we believe that together, we can offer a brighter future for the people that we exist to support.

As third sector providers of health and social care services, we are operating in an extraordinary time of change and we recognise that this requires new and collaborative ways of working.’

Claire Vilarrubi, Chair of Foundation said,

‘The proposed merger offers a unique and exciting opportunity for the future of both organisations.

Our Visions and Values are closely aligned and we believe that by bringing together the strengths of both organisations and the expertise and talents of our workforces, we can develop mental health and housing services which are of the highest quality.’

Over the coming weeks, Community Links and Foundation will be completing due diligence and consultation processes. This will be underpinned by our joint commitment to fairness, transparency, accountability, dignity and respect to employees, service users, customers, volunteers, commissioners and partners.