Workers and customers in our young people’s project have been tackling conversations around sex – sexual health and consent.
One of our Activity’s worker’s reports:

At The YMCA and Derwent Lodge in Ryedale (Foundation’s partners) took part in the quarter yearly programme of sexual health information advice and screening session.
Customers were surprised that people could carry Chlamydia and not realise it and that it could make someone sterile if not treated. Customers were offered free Chlamydia screening. The session was informative but had a relaxed atmosphere and lots of questions were asked and freebies given out at the end. I lead activity work with our young people in Scarborough, Whitby, Ryedale and Selby and work in partnership with professionals from Yorhealth to provide this service in all areas. I can also organise one to one personal sessions if required by customers.


At one of our hostels in North Yorkshire there had been some conversations amongst the young people that had raised concerns. We looked together at issues around consent and online grooming, watching a couple of videos we found to gather information and prompt questions. We talked about how to identify and prevent sexual abuse in relationships and backed this up with a healthy relationship quiz.


Following this event, we had a situation which was well managed as a result. A customer was asked to meet a young lady who would not tell him her age. It transpired that she was only 15. The customer has learned that he should never meet anyone without knowing this vital information.
These sessions are important to promote health and well-being in our customers. They also allow for our customers to be empowered with important information and break down taboo around subjects that can be difficult to talk about.