We can provide the best possible service to our customers when we work closely with other agencies and partners. Strong relationships and good communication are essential for a successfully collaborative approach that benefits those we support. Some of our Scarborough staff team went the extra mile, building relationships whilst giving back to the community:

In June 2017, team members from Scarborough RACs and Making Safe teams volunteered alongside colleagues from Probation and North Yorkshire Police to rejuvenate Irton Scouts Club. Over twenty individuals volunteered for a day and the results speak for themselves.  As well as benefiting local children the event helped to strengthen positive working relationships between all the agencies, proving that if we work together anything is possible. There are now plans to expand the event next time around by inviting customers and service users from the other agencies to volunteer their time. Well done to all who took time out for this worth-while cause and made a real difference to the local community.

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