Customers from the North Yorkshire Young People’s Pathway enjoyed a day out with their Activities Worker and a Social Work student. Here’s the report from their day:

Customers form the Galleries in Richmond enjoyed a sunny day out in the Dales, a day trip was planned to Hawes to see how the famous Wensleydale cheese is made. Customers enjoyed sampling the full range of cheeses, and purchased some cheese to make cheese on toast back at the Galleries.

cheese factory

We also visited Aysgarth falls, a beautiful stretch of the River Ure in Wensleydale. Customers really enjoyed the day out and took plenty of Selfies at the Falls.

Aysgarth panoramic photo

group photo Aysgarth falls Rayana waterfalls

The Cheese and toast was a well-deserved treat at the of the day. The day out gave the customers an opportunity to see what is available in their local community, and enjoy the health benefits of a walk out in the countryside.

cheese on toast cheese on toast (2)

Rayana Ahmed, our Social work student said, “It was very tranquil, the sounds of the birds and the waterfalls made it a very relaxing walk, it was great to get out of the hostel and enjoy the natural environment with the customers”. Customers agreed with one adding, “It’s been a good day out , I’ll definitely go back again”.