Over the last few years Foundation have developed their FIT – KIT (Foundation Inclusion Tools). These activities cover many of the skills that Foundation support their customers with, helping them to gain confidence for independent living. Topics covered include budgeting, cooking, health and well-being. Though the FIT-KITS can be worked through individually, they are well received by customers when delivered as part of group activities. Our Durham team have long enjoyed great customer engagement in their group activities. Here are some examples of how they work in groups to cover FIT-KIT topics, through general and special activities.

Beach Walk – Building self-esteem and managing stress

The Durham FIT KIT group went for a walk along the beach and considered ways to increase self-esteem and manage stress. We stopped off for a picnic and both staff and customers got involved in searching for the famous ‘Seaham Glass’ along the beach.
The staff and customers read about the Beach Care Code as well as the Countryside Code and considered the ways we can positively impact our environment. We discussed tips to help build self-esteem, such as doing activities that you enjoy and spending time with supportive people. We also talked about ways that we deal with stress and new techniques that we can try. Everyone also enjoyed taking part in a fun trivia quiz and customers got involved with taking photographs of the scenery.
The trip was both fun and thought-provoking. We hope to use some of the Seaham Glass we collected in our craft sessions in the future.

beach 1

Film Night! – Social Inclusion and Housing Support

The Durham FIT KIT group had its first film club on Tuesday as requested by our customers. The TV was bought with funds donated by a local church. The group watched the film ‘The Pink Panther’ with popcorn and other healthy snacks. The customers also completed a FIT Kit activity on housing options and a worksheet on applying for housing.
Before watching the film staff and customers talked through different housing options available and then discussed things that need to be considered when applying for housing. Customers discussed their own experiences and concerns and asked relevant questions.
Everyone enjoyed the film and afterwards we discussed if the film had a moral to it. Customers decided that the film showed that we should support each other and work together rather than be selfish and try to outdo others.  At the end of the session customers were issued with a three month programme of events for future group sessions which includes an activity that customers have chosen along with a FIT Kit activity.


Eating together! – Healthy eating and cooking on a budget.

The Durham FIT KIT group went to a local church hall for a cooking session this week. The group made fajitas and the purpose of the session was for customers to learn how to make a healthy meal on a budget.
The customers cooked in pairs and the more confident cooks were keen to share their knowledge with others. While one group was in the kitchen the other group took part in FIT KIT activities, including cooking on a budget, the benefits of cooking vs takeaway, eating healthier, hazards in the kitchen and a meal planner.  The session was very successful, all customers got involved and really enjoyed themselves. The fajitas looked and tasted great and the session proved that it is possible to cook on a budget. The whole meal cost under £9 and this could have fed up to 15 people.

Cooking session photo 1 Cooking session photo 2