From Poplar Villa in North Yorkshire, to Calderdale – customers across Foundation have been enjoying pancakes!

The Calderdale Team decided to celebrate Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) by arranging a cooking session where customers had a go as making their own pancakes. This is an old tradition that some of us take for granted. Calderdale’s customers were keen join in with 6 customers who all had a great time! Each had a go at making their own pancakes and then had a choice of toppings: Nutella and banana, golden syrup and lemon juice and sugar. We also had a competition to see who could flip their pancake the most times! At Poplar Villa, not everyone was confident to flip – but we did manage it eventually!

Pancake day

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In Durham, the customers enjoyed a more savoury fare.

Durham FIT KIT group had a chance to make a simple but nutritious meal out of few eggs, ham, peppers, onion and mushroom. The purpose of this exercise was to make our customers aware how important a balanced diet is to be healthy. In addition to show them how quick and easy it is to prepare a meal from eggs especially if you have busy life or you forget to do shopping or are on a tight budget which often is the case for our customers.

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A colleague and myself had an opportunity to educate customers and ourselves about different minerals and vitamins just one egg contains and how amazingly rich in protein this little fellow is! As you may have guessed by now, here in Durham we love a quiz, so after consuming an omelette, which looked lush and smelled heavenly, we had a quiz in order to enhance our knowledge about eggs, of course!
We have also learned how to recognise a raw egg from a cooked one before cracking the shell. We conducted an interesting test with a torch to see through the egg. A bit of science incorporated into learning won’t harm anyone! We’re all geared up for Easter!