Across Foundation we benefit from volunteers of every kind, including students. We have great relationships with Universities across the north of England, in particular in Leeds where our Head Office is based. Here is a testimonial from a Leeds University student, volunteering for 2 hours a week to offer communications and marketing support.

It may not seem an obvious way to volunteer within a charity, but we have a tight resource, as does everyone within our sector, and this opportunity also helps Martina to gain vital work experience.

What has volunteering given me?

I am an international student and like any typical student at University of Leeds I try to balance my studies, my part-time job as well as try to find time for socializing with friends and spend quality time with my family. I have always liked keeping myself busy – and what is the best way of spending your free time than helping others though volunteering in your community?

How I started volunteering with Foundation

I found out about the organisation at the Volunteer Fair at my university. I wanted to get involved and applied for the Social Media Support volunteer position. I was new to volunteering but I was immediately welcomed to the team. I believe that applying at Foundation turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Foundation has a great commitment to their volunteers. I was treated as an important part of the Communication team and was immediately integrated within the organisation. Not only am I constantly encouraged to develop my skills and given support, but also Foundation helps me in my quest for personal growth and gaining self-esteem.
‘Student volunteers bring a huge amounts of skills and, most importantly, enthusiasm and new ideas to our organisation. They are learning the new ways of doing things and can help to challenge us, which is extremely valuable for the success of Foundation. We value them and we see them as our future workers because the charity sectors needs more skilled people like them’.
Maggie Jones, Chief Executive

What I learned

Volunteering teaches you some invaluable lessons. Moreover, being a student volunteer positively affects your future career as it helps you develop extremely useful skills. The relationship between students and non-profit organisations can make a significant change in the charity sector and our community as it has a powerful education experience for both parties involved. Giving some time at a local charity organisation is a great way to involve yourself into the community you live in. For me it also means that I can really get to know and adapt to the cultural and social life here. Volunteering with Foundation is also extremely flexible – I was able to take some time off over Christmas and I can work from home if I wish do to so. However, I enjoy working at the office with the other staff as they are always very helpful and I feel part of the team.
Being a volunteer in the organisation helps me gain great transferable life skills such as managing and prioritising my tasks. While volunteering with Foundation, I am learning to take on new challenges so that I step outside my comfort zone and accomplish things I never believed I could accomplish.
Volunteering is a rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone – whether it will be with Foundation or any other amazing organisation.

Huge thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!