Social inclusion activities can help vulnerable people, who may have become pigeon-holed by their problems, form a strong sense of identity. Our teams at Foundation work incredibly hard to open up opportunities for our customers to gain experiences that challenges and positively boosts their identity, away from any issues they may have and towards a sense of belonging within a community.

The Leeds Adult Offenders team have had particular success over recent times at providing these opportunities for customers. In the last two weeks, customers have been involved in theatre trips and football tournaments. Though very different experiences, both play hugely important roles for our customers, who with the support of our teams are building positive identities for themselves, within inclusive communities, where everyone matters.

The team report on two particular outings:

Who’s Sari Now? A Theatre Trip with a touch of politics.

‘We took five clients to see ‘Whose Sari Now?’ at West Yorkshire Playhouse. The play examined the role of the sari in the lives of the 5 characters; from an old Asian woman whose saris are like her second skin, a young mother giving birth in a war zone wrapping her twin babies in her wedding sari, a Malaysian historian connects the sari with mythology, a transgender reflects on his girlfriend’s sari obsession, a low caste weaver and a character who contemplates the sari in her final hours. All of the characters in the play are performed by one actress.

When we were given the opportunity to take some of our customers along to see the play, we jumped at the chance. In this post-Brexit climate, we wanted to tackle some of the beliefs held by a few of our customers, and offer them an opportunity to look at issues like racism, in a new light. The play was in parts comical, poignant, thoughtful, enlightening and very thought provoking. Our five clients had a great night. We all stayed afterwards, discussing the play together and Michael (one of our regular activity attendees) saw the actress who starred in the play. He went to ask her for a photograph.’


Ian commented ”it was thoughtful and political in parts.”
Ebrima said “I enjoyed it, it gets me out of the house.”

Social Inclusion Football Tournament – Hartlepool

‘We can sometimes fall into the trap of viewing our customers as just that, customers. But we have worked with some of the lads on our football teams for a while now and it’s important that we begin to recognise them for what they are; talented and fair team players!

North East Athletic Social Inclusion hosted a football tournament in Hartlepool on Monday 14th Nov. Our football team were up and ready for an early start, with pick-ups starting around 7am. Altogether, seven teams took part including, Middlesbrough FC Foundation. Dave, who organized the event shook every one of our players by the hand on arrival which was a lovely north east welcome! We played six matches, won four and lost two. We were though, the only team to beat the eventual winners Middlesbrough Foundation, coming back from 1-0 down to win 3-1 in a tight game.
All of our players raised their game for the tournament and did themselves proud. Daniel L, who was celebrating his birthday, played the best football I have seen him play for us in over three years. Usually an attacker, he put in a sterling performance in defense with both well timed and brave tackles – I’d say he’s found his new position. Darren our keeper was outstanding when called upon and rightly won the goalkeeper of the tournament award. Daniel B was as reliable as ever, great engine on him working tirelessly for the team, scoring the vital goals in tight matches. Jayden showed all the natural ability and class that he possesses on the ball and worked hard off it as he was asked to do. Ebrima clicked in the third game and showed all the close foot control we know he has, as he selfishly set up two goals for players in better positions, as well as scoring one himself. Kearan was made our skipper for the tournament and justified the decision with his usual tigerish midfield bite and excellent work rate. Jamie, who can play either midfield or defense was outstanding, hard in the tackle and showed quality on the ball; like all good players, he always appears to have that extra bit of time. Chris made his tournament debut for us today and added bite to the defense where he plays.


It was with immense pride that Daniel L strode up to accept the fair play team trophy for our team. This is awarded to the team portraying the best sportsmanship. Kearan commented, that he was pleased with the fair play award trophy and was pleased that we had not had any trouble on the pitch. Ebrima, when asked what he enjoyed most about the day commented, ‘I always am so pleased when our team scores a goal!’

IMG_8257 IMG_8267 IMG_8277

A meal was provided for all teams at the interval in the excellent facilities at the Hartlepool Dome. It was a sit down hot meal too! It’s gestures like this that made the day extra special and I know our team appreciated it very much. The respect and hospitality we were all shown was a credit to the organisers. We were not long out of Hartlepool when talk in the car soon turned to how many more tournaments have we got coming up, keen as mustard!’

If you would like to help support activities like these for our customers, please do get in touch.