Foundation has proudly offered supported housing for over 30 years, to vulnerable and marginalised groups of people in society.  Within these groups are ex-offenders, survivors of domestic abuse, homeless families, young people and homeless adults. The support ranges from refuge and hostel accommodation through to ‘floating support’ – all of which aims to help people towards living safe and independent lives.


Our CEO Maggie Jones agrees that supported housing is something to celebrate:

‘Supported housing is the bedrock of independence for people who need a little extra help to live positive lives in the community. Older people, those with disabilities, leaving prison, survivors of domestic abuse, young people without a family to fall back on all benefit from supported housing: it’s a springboard to a better life.  And so do the rest of us, because without it the cost to a whole range of other services, such as the NHS would be a great deal higher. How much better to use public funds to support new lives than spend them picking up the pieces from broken ones?’

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