This lovely bunch of young people completed a sponsored bike ride yesterday to raise funds for Foundations young customers.

1 bike ride 3

They started out from Cygnet House, our Selby hostel, and rode to Southlands in York, a Foundation run hostel for young people aged 16-25, where they stopped for a well-earned rest and lunch break before riding back to complete 30 miles.

Georgia Watkinson (who’s Mum Nicki works for Foundation) is 16 (pink hair!) and joined the National Citizenship Service course through school – which is run by Flying Futures. As part of the course they mix up groups of young people from the same area who don’t know each other and then they go away for a week long outward bound activity holiday.  This is then followed by another week away, learning life skills and planning a social action project, to either raise funds for a charity or improve something in their local area.

Georgia suggested to the group they raise money for Foundation and told the group what we did; they agreed and they started planning how they would raise funds. Someone in the group suggested a sponsored bike ride, so Georgia suggested the hostel to hostel bike ride from Selby to York and back, along the cycle path which is approximately 30 miles.

In addition to this they are holding a family fun day at The Percy Arms in Airmyn on Sunday 21st August, to raise more funds for Foundation. They are having a barbeque, face painting, mini-Olympics and other activities. It’s open to all, get yourselves along!

So far they have raised a fantastic £270 from the bike ride. The group would like this to be spent on Foundation’s young people so they too can experience a new activity, similar to that experienced when the group enjoyed the outward bound activity week.

Thanks to Georgia and the rest of the group. And of course to Flying Futures! Your efforts are really appreciated and we will put the money raised to good use!