Foundation Chief Executive, Maggie Jones, has spoken out about charges for calls to the DWP, relating to benefits claims. In an email to the organisation she said,

‘Before Parliament rose for the summer break the Government pushed through a change in regulations which means anyone calling the DWP about their benefit claim will be charged premium rates for the call. Apparently this is to “push traffic to the web-site which is free”.

People already pay to make the calls, so charging poor people, even more money when they have a benefit problem which they are desperate to sort out is to my mind completely unacceptable. Even more so when you know that the vast majority of benefit problems are caused by the Department itself and the appeals are successful. So our customers are being charged even more to sort out Government mistakes.

Please sign the petition below and pass it on to family and friends if this makes you as cross as it makes me!’

You can visit and sign the 38 Degrees petition here: MAKE CALLS TO THE DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS FREE