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Foundation Selby

Foundation Selby provides the following services:

  • Resettlement and Community Safety Scheme (RACS): A high performing short term support service working with offenders who have the highest need and pose the greatest risk to themselves and the community.
  • North Yorkshire Young People’s Pathway: This service offers young people the necessary support, advice and mediation to enable them to stay in their present accommodation. Where it is not possible for someone to remain at home, we have a variety of accommodation options to suit their needs.
  • Hostel-based accommodation for young people with high needs.
  • Space to Share: this service offers play therapy, art therapy and integrative psychotherapy to children and young people who have suffered or witnessed domestic abuse.

Services are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.


  • North Yorkshire Young People’s Pathway

Young people should present at Selby Civic Centre Office if they are at risk of becoming homeless. The Housing Options Team can be contacted by telephone on 01757 700 101.

  • Resettlement and Community Safety Scheme (RACS)

Referrals can only be made through probation services. Outside referrals are not accepted.

For more information contact us at selby@foundationuk.org or on 01757 210415.

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