Our Way Leeds Client

How long have you been supported by Foundation?

I have been working with Foundation for about a year now. I work with Our Way Leeds.

What does your support entail? Is there anything that you feel has really benefitted you?

I have been supported through counselling and I have been supported with getting my own flat. My friend showed me who Our Way Leeds are, and they were able to help me with everything I needed. I contacted them myself and was able to sort things out. I attended a Leeds Rhinos game earlier this year, which was great. I am a big rugby fan.

Do you have any goals for the future? Things you would like to achieve.

Our Way Leeds are helping me to get my ID and birth certificate as I am wanting to get a job. I am thinking of starting in retail and then I hope to become a teaching assistant.

What inspired you to look at becoming a teaching assistant?

I want to help young kids with their mental health as I have experienced mental health concerns myself. I want to start in a primary school for a few years and then look at going into a secondary school.

Do you feel things have improved since working with Foundation?

Things have improved over the last year or so. I have my own flat and I am living independently. I didn’t think I could do it When I was living with my mum I didn’t want to go out or do anything. It is stressful living on my own sometimes though. I had a breakdown because I didn’t want to go back to my Mum’s, but a friend put me in touch with Foundation and now I have my own place and independence. At first my mum didn’t speak to me but now I am settled things have gotten better with my mum and I go to babysit my siblings too.

I don’t feel my mental health has improved but I have been using the counselling service which started when I moved into the flat. The first session was hard, but it is helping. I have 12 sessions initially, but they can continue if needed.

Do you have any strategies or techniques that help when you are feeling stressed?

I tend to go for walks or listen to music. Sometimes I just need to have a good cry. I have a support network and friends nearby too.

How would you sum up your experience with Foundation so far?

Foundation have been really really helpful.


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