This case study shares Stephen’s story, a Resettlement and Community Safety (RACS) customer from North Yorkshire. Stephen would like us to share his story to inspire others in a similar situation. Social Inclusion has been vital to Stephen’s life changes. Having a safe place to call home, empowers his new start.

Support Worker, Rob, shares Stephen’s story:

Stephen was born in Leeds in 196. He was brought up by his parents and his father lived by Victorian values and dealt out severe punishment. Stephen says he lived a very dysfunctional lifestyle and became a street wise survivor from a very young age. Through childhood, Stephen engaged in minor petty crimes and ended up in borstal by the age of 16. Stephen spent 10 or 11 years of his life in and out of approved schools, institutions and prison, including getting caught up in the care system.
Stephen says he became dependant on alcohol as a coping strategy to deal with his dysfunctional lifestyle. He moved to Scarborough in the 1980s in search of improving his life. This was short lived, as he continued to commit crime in order to survive. He suddenly found himself living on the streets of Scarborough and his drinking increased.
Stephen was referred to the RACS service at Foundation in Scarborough 2 years ago and was placed in Foundation accommodation in Ryedale. Stephen was supported but was reluctant to engage on a regular basis, he lacked stability and routine.
On 5th July, we managed to secure a social housing flat in Stephen’s locality and were offered floating support within the service, which Stephen willingly undertook. On October 30th Stephen completed his programme of support, receiving a ‘Certificate of Completion’, which I was proud to present to him on behalf of Foundation.

Stephen is now happily living independently in his new home and wishes to thank Foundation and the support workers in enabling to move on in his life’s journey.