Client Interview

We recently met up with a client who accessed the Complex Needs Service provided by Foundation Durham.

They discuss how the support from Foundation has completely changed their life around.

Q- How did you come to be supported by Foundation?

A- My probation officer, brought me to the service, because of a flat that I rent from Foundation. I didn’t even know about Foundation before that or anything to do with them. When I found that it came with support as well, yeah, I was like, well over the moon.

Q- What goals did you set when you first came to Foundation and were introduced to the support? Did you have any specific things that you wanted to achieve?

A- Really, just stay out of prison and adjust to social community and fit in.

Q- What does your support entail? What did you do with your support worker? Is there anything that you feel really benefitted you? 

A- It has all benefitted me. Foundation helped me to set up my amenities, gas, electricity, things like that because I didn’t have a clue before that. They got me a food parcel, fuel voucher.

Me and my support worker would go for walks and go to the community centre because I wouldn’t go on my own due to my anxiety. I was meeting people at the community centre which, I would never have done on my own.

We have set some proper goals now, I have started level 1 English which is going really well. After that, I am already signed up to do level 1 Math.

After I have done that, we have talked about other goals. I am quite handy; I can turn my hand to anything, I painted this room! (Foundation Durham group work room). I can paint and paper hang, but I’ve not got a qualification in that. So, I am looking at doing courses for that and getting a certificate that will help me in the future to get into employment.

Q- How have things changed for you?

A- If it wasn’t for Foundation, I would have been back in prison months ago because I have found it hard to adjust because of the amount of time I was in prison.

I was locked up for two and a half decades. I got out and I didn’t know anything. Phones weren’t even out when I got locked up, the internet wasn’t even thought of. I have got out to a brand-new world so trying to adjust, it’s not easy.

Q- You’ve mentioned your education, do you have any other key goals for the future, and do you feel Foundation will be able to help you with that? 

A- Yeah, I wanted to get a motorbike to get around. I am actually going out tomorrow to look at one. Again, that is down to Foundation because they have offered to sort out my benefits which has enabled me to do this. I’ve always wanted a mo-ped, like to get from appointment to appointment rather than walking and it is happening. Within a month I will be on the road!

Q- Do you feel your state of mind has improved from engaging with Foundation? 

A- Massively. I mean before, well like the first few weeks in the flat I really couldn’t see a future. I couldn’t. My future was get breached and go back to jail because that is what I knew. Foundation has shown me, no, there is a life out here for you and if you want it, you can have it- and I do want it!

They have helped me so much; you know what I mean. I honestly can’t thank them enough. I really can’t.


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