Springboard Foundation has been developed to help young people leaving care and care leavers reach their full potential. Project Workers will work with Customers to provide support and training to help them achieve their personal goals.

Our Project Workers aim to be ‘enablers of young people’, working on the Customers behalf.  Project Workers seek to understand the Customer and provide individualised opportunities for personal growth,

Springboard Foundation is funded by the Big Lottery Fund as part of the Reaching Communities funding stream. The service operates in York and North Yorkshire.


 Darren* Springboard Customer

(*name and details changed to protect identity).

When I was released from prison I had nowhere to stay. I found it impossible to think about my future when I did not know if was going to have a roof over my head that night. I was referred to Springboard by my Pathway Worker. I accessed the Young Person’s Hub and was offered accommodation in a Foundation hostel.

In the past I was used to doing nothing productive with my time, which is partly why I ended up in so much trouble. I didn’t know what opportunities were out there for me. I thought my offending history would prevent me from applying for college or a job.

My Springboard Project Worker listens to me

and takes on board what I say; this is the first time for a long time that

I feel valued.

My confidence levels have also increased and I am feel more comfortable in group settings. Springboard has given me the opportunity to get involved with lots of activities that I would not otherwise have tried, such as skiing, go-karting and horse riding. By taking part in activities I have kept myself occupied, which has meant I am not so bored and likely to get in to trouble. Through my Springboard personal budget, I have purchased some fishing equipment, which is what I like to do when I am stressed out.

I have someone I can ask for support.

Since being released from prison I have not reoffended, and I have engaged well with Probation, so much so I now have reduced contact with my Offender Manager.

When things are not great in my relationship I like to get away and go fishing for a few hours, which gives me some time away from everything to calm down and think about things.

My substance misuse has reduced

as well, which has helped me cope with my emotions in a more positive way. In the past I would not talk about how I was feeling and get angry, whereas now I am more likely to speak to staff about how I am feeling.

Being a part of Springboard has meant

I have secured and maintained accommodation,

and learnt budgeting skills. I have attended various Springboard activities and completed accredited training. With the help of my Project Worker I have identified a career path I wish to follow.

Using the qualifications I obtained in prison, I would like to go to college to study Level 3 Electrical Engineering. I have an interview this month which my Project Worker is supporting and coaching me on. My short-term goal is to get a place on a college course I have identified. After that I would like to get my own flat.

I am focussed on staying out of prison and building a new life.

I see myself in paid employment, doing electrical installation, living in my own house and one day starting my own family.


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