This case study from our team in Mercury House, gives insight into the vulnerabilities of some of the customer’s accessing the Young People’s Pathway service.

*name changed to protect identity, stock image used

Christie is an 18 year old young woman who came to Mercury House on in early 2018 as she sought to live independently of her family home. However, Christie is incredibly vulnerable as she has learning disabilities and autism and a history of self-harming. She had recently escaped from a mentally abusive relationship, where her partner would shout at her a lot.

Christie has an 18 month old baby with a man who has higher level autism. She could not cope with parenting so gave her child to her mother, who now has special guardianship. Christie regularly visits her mum and spends time with her child. Living away from her daughter is hard and in discussion with her Support Worker, Christie raised that she would like another child and to have a second chance to be a successful mother. She disclosed she does not use any form of contraception in the hope that she will get pregnant. Christie’s support worker has since booked her in with the sexual health nurses to have a discussion around pregnancy and the risks of unprotected sex as she has previously had STI’s. Support staff have also had a conversation with her regarding the possibility that if she were to fall pregnant again then the baby would most likely have to be put into care as she cannot look after or financially afford to have a baby again.

Due to the in depth work Mercury House have done with Christie, she has not become pregnant and is better educated with regards to safe sex.