Foundation Craven Case Study- Mental Health Support Service

PC was referred to Foundation by their social worker. They had long-term mental health problems, were living in privately rented property but was facing eviction as landlord was wanting to sell property. PC looked for alternative accommodation through Choice Based Lettings (CBL) and the private sector. PC’s social worker raised concerns that they may get into debt and be unable to deal with their affairs as the pressure builds up. When PC came to Foundation, they were offered support with applying for and moving into new accommodation.

When PC first came to Foundation, there were concerns that their mental health and external pressures would lead to them getting into debt. They were experiencing loneliness and isolation and at risk of losing benefits and getting into rent arrears. Due to the complexity of their financial situation, securing accommodation was a challenge and moving during the festive period brought about its own challenges.

During their time with Foundation, PC received weekly support and visits when needed. They were supported with applications for benefits, phone calls and finding new accommodation. They were supported to move into new home and advised on how to close and set up new utilities.

Support was provided to help PC from having a breakdown due to mental health and they developed skills to live well independently. They worked with other agencies, to establish support needs and resolve pre-existing debt concerns. The Community Mental Health Team worked closely to ensure that PC was supported appropriately. There was regular correspondence with local benefit departments to secure financial help to assist PC with moving and assist with rent.

PC has now developed their confidence and independence with moving and dealing with their own affairs to avoid becoming in debt. Due to PC’s change in financial circumstances, they have been referred to further support  to develop skills through training with the hope of returning to work in the near future.