It can be a taboo subject, however it is a reality; people who pose danger to communities need support. At Foundation we understand that challenging behaviour is often as a result of difficult and traumatic life experiences. We also understand that behaviour can change and we work with commitment and passion to empower that change, making safer communities for everyone.

*Name and location changed. Stock image used.

Paul has a history of sexual offences against children including contact offences, engaging a child in sexual activity and taking indecent images. He also has a history of self-harm, depression and suicide ideation and has suspected personality disorder. His emotional wellbeing is linked to his risk of sexual re-offending. Paul was first referred to Foundation in 2016 but was recalled for breaching his licence conditions a few months later. He was re-referred when he was released to an Approved Premises in late 2017 and was subsequently housed by Foundation in early 2018. Paul had initial issues with authority whilst in the Approved Premises refusing to pay his rent. Foundation staff gave support around this which resulted in Paul accepting responsibility and clearing his arrears so he could go on be housed by Foundation. Paul experienced severe anxiety, fearing his offending history would be known in the community and his concerns over managing a tenancy as he had never done this before. Paul needed intensive tenancy support initially and support to reduce his isolation and improve his mental health.

Paul’s Support Plan identified the following barriers and challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • Reducing Isolation – linked to depression/anxiety/offending.
  • Difficulty in managing a tenancy as previously had no experience of this – Intensive budgeting support required/setting up of payment plans.
  • Benefit issues – transferring to new area/Maximising Benefits.
  • Support registering with medical services – ensuring continuity with medication.

The key actions taken by the team supporting Paul were as follows:

(HSW = Housing Support Worker)

HSW supported customer to set up payment plans with utility companies.

HSW contacted DWP to arrange benefit transfer/housing benefit.

HSW supported Paul to apply for a free bus pass to enable him to access training/education/volunteering/increase independence.

HSW issued a free gym pass – Paul is attending the gym 4 times a week providing constructive use of time/reducing isolation and improving mental health.

HSW referred Paul to Action Towards Inclusion for support accessing training/education.

HSW attends multi agency meetings with Probation and Bridging the GAP to manage Paul’s risk in the community.

HSW supported Paul to apply for council accommodation to enable positive move on when he no longer requires support.

HSW supported Paul to access medical services re mental health.


The support provided has enabled Paul to live independently in his own accommodation rather than in a hostel environment. His mental health has improved, he is less anxious and feels comfortable living on his own. Paul is using is time constructively by attending the gym and is accessing training and education which has increased his self-confidence and self-esteem, therefore improving his emotional wellbeing which is directly linked to his sexual offending. He has a positive outlook on life and is engaging well with all services. With continued support it is hoped Paul will achieve his own move on accommodation with the council and gain employment once he has obtained the necessary training/qualification required.