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At Foundation we believe passionately in recognising an individual for their strengths and giving opportunities and support for that person to turn their lives around. Sometimes family’s breakdown and fall apart, sometimes, they can come back together. This case study from our Harrogate team shares how Aaron was able to change his life and re-establish his relationship with his son.

Aaron had a long history of substance misuse and violent behaviour which were contributing factors in his offending. He was sentenced in 2010 for Malicious Wounding and received an IPP custodial sentence (Imprisonment for Public Protection), losing contact with his son. He was released to an Approved Premises in 2015 after spending 5 years in custody and remains on an IPP licence. After spending so long in custody he initially struggled to reintegrate into the community with the barriers his previous offending caused.
He needed support to learn to manage his accommodation and then finding move on accommodation for himself and his son, which Foundation provided.

Barriers/Challenges for Aaron on release from prison:

• Aaron to avoid a negative/drug taking peer group.
• On release from prison there were initial issues with anti-social behaviour, involving noise/parties which resulted in complaints from neighbours.
• Aaron had difficulty securing employment due to offences.
• Aaron found it difficult to manage his money initially. He had spent so long in custody he found budgeting for rent and bills a challenge
• Aaron wanted re-establish his relationship with his son.
Working with a Foundation Housing Support Worker, Aaron’s Support Plan tackled the following areas of activity:
• Re-Enablement/New Skills:
• Budgeting/managing tenancy.
• Improved parenting skills.
• Gaining stable employment.
• Addressing substance misuse.
• Responsibility for visitors/peer group.
• Addressing anger management issues resulting in healthy relationships/ custody of child.

Outcome/Impact of Foundation Support:

Aaron secured Council Housing Accommodation for himself and his son with the support of Foundation. He maintains positive healthy relationships with his family and partner. He has addressed his substance misuse and has gained positive life skills enabling him to manage his life and provide support for his son.