Housing support for mental health sufferers – a success story

Our Wakefield team works with 154 clients in the local area, providing housing support to offenders, young people and the homeless. Our relationship with a variety of agencies and the local authority ensures that individuals in these vulnerable groups have the help they need to find appropriate accommodation and live independently.

Here we take a look at Lee’s story, and how by working with our valued partners at Spectrum, we helped Lee to manage his mental health issues more effectively, and find somewhere to call home…

Partnering with Spectrum

In this particular success story, we partnered with Spectrum Community Health CIC, which provides health and wellbeing services for the people of Wakefield, including:

  • Routes to recovery for alcohol and substance misusers and support for their families
  • Delivery of healthcare that contributes towards positive outcomes for those in secure environments
  • Opportunities to make informed and safe decisions about sex and sexual health for people of all ages
  • Highly professional and experienced, the Spectrum team delivers life-transforming outcomes for their service-users, creating lasting relationships with patients on their individual journey from illness through recovery to health.

Lee’s story – in the beginning…

Lee was referred to Foundation for help with his housing applications, budgeting issues and general support with his mental health issues of anxiety, stress and depression – together with his Spectrum (NHS community mental health team) workers, we started to look at ways we could help him to overcome his various challenges.

Of course, with Lee’s condition, he was initially very wary around people in general, so his support team have had to work hard to get him to engage fully and gain his trust. His Spectrum worker visited him every week and regularly conducted Wakefield District Homesearch checks with him, so that he could build the confidence to do this independently. With a newly acquired mobile phone and the consequent internet access, and despite a little hesitancy, Lee soon found himself equipped and willing to undertake these searches himself – which was a very big first step!

Lee’s progress

Since we began working with Lee we’ve successfully got his budgeting under control, and he can now save for ‘treats’ – he recently purchased a new fishing rod and accessories for his beloved sport.

Lee has said that largely due to the intervention from Foundation, his confidence has improved. While he recognises that there will, in all probability, be long standing issues, he continues to take great steps forward, and accepts that we’re unable to provide our support indefinitely.

His Spectrum worker is very pleased with our efforts and how Lee himself has engaged, and she’s seen an improvement in his ability to integrate with people since our intervention. While this is a continuing case where support will be required for a long period, Lee has made fantastic progress from his humble beginnings!

The results so far…

His Foundation caseworker explains some further changes in Lee’s approach to life, and how the housing support given has led to some new accommodation:

The final step was when Lee asked me if I would accompany him on a short train journey (literally from one stop to the other and return), as he recognised this would give him more options to travel further afield. This was a massive step and with consent of my manager, I agreed to do so. We completed this small journey of 15 minutes and he enjoyed it – although initially very nervous, it was an exciting time for him and for me as a worker seeing him progress and having the ability to move forward.

We have now had a positive result in terms of his housing situation: we bid for a 1 bedroom bungalow in the South Kirkby area with Wakefield District Homesearch and have been successful – he’ll be moving into the property in the next few days.

This has been a very positive move in his life and will definitely aid him in his mental health recovery.

I’ll be supporting him for a further period of time whilst he adjusts to the transition, but he’s very excited and his quality of life will be greatly enhanced as a direct result of this move.

So by the time you read this, Lee will be happily settling into his new home and looking forward to more positive changes – good luck Lee!