Housing support for those on probation – a success story

People face a housing crisis for many different reasons, from leaving care to mental health issues and just about anything and everything in between – but this particular story is about a high profile case where the vulnerable person we helped was on probation under very sensitive circumstances.

Everybody has the right to housing support and assistance without judgement and the opportunity to rebuild their lives after a difficult event, so that’s exactly what we did for Miss X…

Kirklees housing support services

Working in partnership with local agencies to enable offenders, young people and women working in the sex industry to live independently, the Foundation team in Kirklees provide support to around
130 clients.

This is how our services are distributed:

  • Adult Offenders – a 92 unit service for adult offenders which works in partnership with West Yorkshire Probation, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and other local landlords
    Young People – facilities to support 20 young people in vulnerable situations, such as those at risk of violence, at risk of offending, or with experience of being in care
    Young Offenders – accommodation and support for 10 young people who come to use via referrals from the local Youth Offending Teams
    Women Involved in the Sex Industry – a dedicated floating support service for 10 women who are vulnerable due to being at risk of offending, or women who are involved in sex work