*F4C no longer runs in Doncaster. Visit the Doncaster team page for information on domestic abuse support locally.

Foundation4change (F4C) runs in Redcar and Cleveland and Doncaster, where it was established and its success has contributed to a 21% reduction in repeat incidents of domestic abuse across the borough.

Those taking part in the program are self-identified perpetrators and are offered personalised support through a menu of options including:

– Awareness raising workshops,
– 1:1 key worker appointments
– Foundation Inclusion Tools (FIT)-kit modules
– F4C 8-10 week programme
– Drop in hub – allowing clients to receive ongoing support.

Using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy to enable change in thought processes and beliefs, the programme is designed to challenge domestic abuse and equip participants with skills for developing healthy relationships with (ex) partners/family. Support workers use a conscious practice of empathy with the programme customers, looking at situational triggers and root causes for behaviours.

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Customer story: (*name changed to protect identity) as shared by his Support Worker:

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Robert took part in the Redcar F4C pilot scheme. He had a 35 year history of incidents of domestic violence, alongside alcohol dependence. Robert was invited to an initial awareness raising workshop where he was clearly challenged by the openness of the workshop facilitators and left immediately, claiming that he didn’t ‘even like women’.
Seeking to understand this reaction, we understood that Robert’s response could have been due to a lack of confidence. I contacted Robert again, to attempt to explain the course and complete an assessment. He was very apologetic for his behaviour and agreed to begin the course.
Despite the shaky start, Robert completed the course with 100% attendance. Other group members commented that his contributions to the sessions had been inspirational as he had shared experiences and feelings freely with the group. He explained to the group the consequences of living as an alcoholic and domestic violence perpetrator. Robert stated that the group had made him realise the impact that his past behaviour has had on his children. He had never considered this before beginning the course.
Robert is keen to become a co-facilitator on any future courses as he says he wants to prevent any other men living the life he has or causing harm to anyone. He is currently abstinent form alcohol and engaging with services.