Jake, a customer from our North Yorkshire Young People’s Pathway, found himself homeless and in need of support. He wanted to be independent but the odds were stacked against him and even people around him thought he would struggle. Against the odds, Jake has found his way to independence. His story is shared by his Support Worker from Cygnet House in Selby:

*name changed to protect identity and stock image used

Jake was told to leave the family home due to his mums mental health and presented as homeless at the local authority where a needs and risk assessment was carried out. Jake has a mild autism diagnosis and can struggle to understand information. From the initial assessment stage Jake had expressed his wishes that he wanted to work and be independent but found the process difficult.

Jake has had a difficult relationship with his parents and disclosed that he had been subjected to emotional and physical abuse in the family home and that they had posted adverse comments on social media about him.

Jake moved into Cygnet House in Selby and started working 15 hours a week at a local hotel. Due to the high rents in supported accommodation Jake was unable to live without supplementing his income with benefits, but it remained Jake’s goal to live independently and work full time.

Jake engaged well with staff and worked through the resettlement process, firstly moving into one of Foundation’s dispersed properties where he took on the greater role of managing a tenancy with support from his support worker.

Early in 2018 Jake’s support worker had the evidence required to complete the resettlement form and when Jake’s application on Choice Based Lettings was made active, Jake bid on a one bed property near to where he works and was offered this property with the tenancy sign up arranged for the spring.

Jake has recently started to full time work as he doesn’t want to claim housing benefit or any other benefit. When Jake moved into Cygnet some professionals felt he would struggle to live independently but his hard work and determination has enabled him to fulfil his goals.