Customer story: Mica – Doncaster care leaver

This details how Foundation offer care leaver support in Doncaster.

Doncaster customer, Mica, shares in her own words how working with Foundation and brought about positive change in her life.

When I was first introduced to Foundation, I didn’t know how to be an adult.  I was going through a rough patch, stuck and going nowhere. Foundation encouraged me to find my own place and start a fresh. They helped me with budgeting; I learnt how to sort and pay my bills. I didn’t have the confidence to call up companies to discuss my bills and they would show me the way to do this. I now have the poise to do all this myself.

I was on Job Seekers Allowance, struggling to even get to the job centre some weeks. My Support Workers took me to appointments, so that my payments wouldn’t stop. They helped me search for a job and I am now in employment. Foundation also taught me things such as cooking and how to operate a washing machine. It sounds simple enough, but I had never been taught how to do this previously.

They not only care for my financial situation but also my personal well-being. I was encouraged to look after my health and to visit the doctors, a dentist and have optician appointments. On a personal level, if I became upset over something at work, I was supported to see how things could be improved. The outcome was always ideal and celebrated. As I continue to be supported by them I know I can better myself and hopefully become a great person, like the people in the Foundation team.

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