A Fresh Start

When SS was referred to Foundation Beacon, they were homeless, and identified as high risk, the client is known to MARAC due to fleeing domestic abuse. SS has mental health, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and alcohol misuse. SS was receiving support from their mother and sister after they flew domestic abuse, due to lack of space, SS was sofa surfing and became homeless.

SS was supported by their Housing Support Worker who built a professional and trusting relationship with them to support SS to be tenancy ready for a new property. SS needed to get themselves into a position where they felt confident, happy, and safe at Beacon. SS was encouraged to maintain their temporary accommodation with Beacon whilst they bid weekly to secure another tenancy. SS stated that they wanted a fresh start and to move somewhere new. Their Housing Support Worker maintained weekly contact, and catered sessions towards how SS was feeling at the time. In each session, property management, housing and physical/mental health were discussed.

SS’ Housing Support Worker, Ann-Marie said that:

SS was able to build trust and a relationship with me and they began to look forward to our weekly meetings where we discussed their family outings with Mum and visiting their Grandad in Wakefield. They also discussed their favourite football team, Liverpool then followed by Leeds United, and SS went to regular matches at Elland Road.

Tailored support plans were made for SS, and they had a good support network around them, especially family. SS became organised and started making their own arrangements to set up payment plans and to clear their own debts and bills. Their independence and confidence were improving.

SS was successful in securing a council property and managed to source their own furniture. They were incredibly grateful and couldn’t express how thankful they were for their new property. SS is still in contact with Beacon, to provide updates and continues to show gratitude to the Beacon team.

SS achieved the fresh start they had hoped for.

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