Housing support for those requiring adapted accommodation – a success story

In Leeds, Foundation provides support for 600 clients, with a wide variety of needs. Working closely with West Yorkshire Probation, Leeds City Council and local agencies, we offer an extensive range of innovative services for high risk offenders, young people and single people or families who are homeless.

Sometimes, individuals are referred to us due to a combination of issues, as you’ll see from Jonathan’s story…

Housing support and adapted accommodation

We provide housing support and information services to offenders, including high risk offenders,
offering support to ensure that they have the skills to:

  • Live independently
    Be part of their local communities
    Cease offending
    Maximise their potential

We work closely with our partner agencies to ensure an effective information exchange and a coordinated package of support to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers – which was especially important in the following case.

Jonathan’s story – in the beginning…

Jonathan came to Leeds Foundation after his release from prison – but as well as requiring housing
support, there was an added complication due to his history of alcohol abuse, which led to the loss of one of his legs.

Jonathan’s progress

Jonathan spent over 4 months in a Leeds hospital, and while he was recovering, his worker helped
him to arrange and secured adapted accommodation, in order to ensure that he was able to manage
with his change in physical circumstances.

The results so far…

With continued support from his Foundation worker, Jonathan has been able to live independently and adjust to his new situation. As well as having a home that meets his practical needs, he’s also stopped drinking completely, leading to a real improvement in his health.