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Charity Student Placements

Charity placements are great for students, helping them to build on and enhance their skills – and they’re great news for us too!

If you’re a student in Leeds, Yorkshire or the North East and you’re thinking of applying for a placement with Foundation, take a look at Tabasam’s experience to hear firsthand what it’s like to spend time with our team and clients.

Tabasam Ghani – student placement in Leeds

“My placement at Foundation was for 70 days. The best part of working at Foundation was the nature of the customers: they were incredibly diverse in relation to their independent needs and situations. Each day was different and consistency in customers engaging with support was minimal, which kept me on my toes and encouraged me to adapt different approaches of practice when working with customers.

I learned a lot about myself in relation to the stereotypes I thought I never had. Being on placement at Foundation helped me to address these stereotypes head-on and proactively, rather than ignoring them which would have impacted my work with the customers.

My experience encouraged me to become very solution-focused and developed my problem-solving skills, as well as using a lot of crisis management skills. I learned a lot about housing laws and the benefits systems, and I realised how vulnerable some customers can be and how to use things from my skills toolbox to help these customers.

I also learned the importance of multi-agency working as well as working, as part of a larger team with different expertise so that I could better support the customers on my case load.”

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If you’re interested in gaining some experience in charity work with vulnerable and homeless people in your local area, please call us on 0113 3030150 and we’ll see what we can do!

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