Horizons is a Ministry of Justice scheme to reduce reoffending and homelessness in West Yorkshire. Foundation delivered Horizons in partnership with charity, Turning Lives Around.

The service contract is closing at the end of July and Sandy, Lead Navigator, at TLA for Horizons has written the below poem about her experiences with the service.


Locked Up, Locked Down, Now Finally, The Shut Down

The Ministry of justice offered 3 years of funding,

Leeds, Bristol, Pentonville, all won the bidding

With our pilot running from HMP Leeds

To support offenders with their housing needs


Covid was a massive barrier to how it panned out

It didn’t help that there were no police about

Clients were in heaven in a bed and breakfast hotel

Drugs were rife and staff were working in hell.


So many have made major life changes

Setting up a business, or first Christmas out in ages

Restoring a canal boat, completing their rehab

Staff didn’t expect to receive threats to stab


Every quarter, reports were duly completed

Clients, staff, probation, no one was defeated

Now Horizons time is ending

Letters of thanks clients are sending


As the lights go off and office desks emptied

We look back at what we attempted

What Mr Scott requested; we did our best

But now Horizons will be laid to rest


Life has No boundaries, Only Horizons

By Sandy

Lead Navigator, Horizons