Foundation has developed a forum for volunteers. The purpose of the forum is to innovate how volunteers engage with Foundation and to empower teams, volunteers AND customers to get the best from volunteering.

The forum meets four times a year and in attendance are Foundation staff, volunteers from the community and customer volunteers. The forum gives another inclusion opportunity for our customers.

Foundation Housing 2014 Photo by Paula Solloway/

The most recent forum saw the planning of a ‘Foundation Volunteer Week’ later in 2017 and a ‘Spring Challenge’ as a fundraising activity early in 2018.

Foundation volunteers take up many roles within our organisation – from frontline post, supporting customer activities, befriending, peer mentoring to post supporting our central services, communications and research.

View our latest Foundation Volunteer Newsletter (written by volunteers FOR volunteers).

Enjoy a Foundation film, ‘Championing Voices’, made by Leeds University student volunteers, HERE

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